Kyle Short -        $40/hr

​Jacob Klau -       $25/hr

Dylan Martinez - $25/hr

Head Coach / Owner

* BJJ Brown Belt

* Sponsored Athlete 

* Active Competitor 

* Undefeated in Pro Grappling

Private Lessons

Mission, Vision, Values

Flux MMA

Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Kickboxing, MMA


Our goal as coaches and competitors is to skip the fluff and go directly to the techniques that have been proven to work the most effectively and efficiently. Each coach trains 5+ times a week for hours each day. 

Private lessons are not required but they do offer an opportunity to focus on certain techniques that you prefer, are struggling with, or to get a better grasp on concepts. 

Kickboxing Coach

* BJJ Blue Belt 

* MMA Athlete

* Active competitor 

Kyle Short

Dylan Martinez

Jacob Klau 

Fitness/Yoga Coach

* BJJ Blue Belt

* Fitness/Jump Rope Expert

* Active competitor