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for life

Flux MMA was born in December of 2012 in a bare-bones upstairs room on carpeted floors. The team's facility then upgraded to thin rubber mats, then carpeted gymnastic mats, tarp cover, and finally to where we are today, which is one professional-grade facility, and an endurance-testing mat room named The Hot Box. 

The progress we have made is all thanks to our teammates, coaches, and countless supporters.

The Hot Box is the nickname given to our original location. It's a small mat room that heats up quickly, and has caused many to throw up on their first trip. A unique training experience, The Hot Box will test the endurance of any grappler. 

Our new location can be found at:

5413 Stanley Keller, Haltom City 76117.

the gym

The goal of our team has always been to provide a fun and competitive training environment while keeping costs at a minimum. We are a sport-based gym that counts our success in results from competing.

The team dues paid each month go right back into equipment, tournament entries, gear, etc. Our success is owed to the efforts of the team.

Each of our teammates work incredibly hard each week to improve their skill set and continue to ready themselves for the next tournament or fight.

Mission, Vision, Values

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