5761 Rockport Lane

Haltom City, Tx 76137


Mission Statement

​Our mission is to offer a fun, challenging, and valuable environment to anyone looking to get in shape, learn a martial art, or compete.

The concept for our team has always been to provide a very fun and competitive training environment while keeping costs at the very minimum. The team dues paid each month by our team goes right back into equipment, tournament entries, gear, etc. Our success is owed to the efforts of the team. Each of our teammates work incredibly hard each week to improve their skill set and continue to ready themselves for the next tournament or fight.

The Hot Box

FluxMMA officially became a team June 3, 2014. 

We are a very humble and modest group of men and women. Yes, we train out of a garage in Haltom City, Tx. This would usually put a mark against our credibility, but we are a very active team of competitors affiliated with All American MMA out of Keller, Tx. 

Please check out our Team Stats page! 


All American MMA

FluxMMA is affiliated and partnered with All American MMA in Keller, Tx.  All active members of FluxMMA are able to join in on any class offered through All American MMA. That's two great gyms for one great price!

Please visit their webpage for more information.